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5 Back- to- School Basics to Make an Impact This Year

Posted on 18 August 2016

“Life begins all over again in the fall…”

--- F. Scott Fitzgerald

One of my favorite quotes for my favorite season. 

I have nothing against holiday shopping, and I, too, count the days until I can start coveting suits for spring break. However, there is nothing quite like back - to - school shopping. The season presents an opportunity to start over, to make a change, and evolve my style. 

The outfits I chose for those first couple weeks back at school always seemed to set the tone for the rest of the year. Even when I'm not in school, I always get a few new necessities at the start of the fall season. 

Take a look at some of the must-haves I have picked out for the start of this fall season: 

  1. The Fringe Cardigan 

    Do not be afraid to live on the fringe this fall season. The earthy, slightly bohemian detail becomes more polished when added to a wardrobe staple like a cardigan. The carefree feature gives those more stuffy sweaters a lighter feel, perfect for taking on the falls. Take a look at one of our fringe favorites:

  2. The Lace - Up Hoodie 

    Is anyone else in love with the lace – up trend? I have been so head over heels for it, I have had to pause before impulse buys because the trend can wade into trashy territory if not done right. Thankfully, a lace up hoodie provides me with the perfect, sexy detail while still providing coverage for my fall look.

  3. The Baseball Tee

    What’s more laid-back, cool girl than a semi-fitted baseball tee? With unique, patterned sleeves, like floral or camo, you can look trendy, while still bringing out your inner tomboy. Check out these three-quarter length baseball tees, and pair with jeans and converse, for the perfect laid-back look. 

  4. The Cut-Out Tee

    If you are like me, and get bored with plain, long-sleeve and short-sleeve t-shirts, cold-shoulder and cut-out tops are the solution. They pair well with almost anything but manage to be chic with the unique and unexpected openings. Add a tad of summer to your look at the start of the fall with these cold-shoulder and cut-out tops.

  5. The Autumn - Colored Dress

    My favorite colors are the shades of fall, and I know I cannot be the only one. I am so excited for the olive greens, the dark ambers and the golden yellows to work there way back into my wardrobe once again. Get the fall glow with this autumn-colored favorite of ours:

    Make an impact this year with more of our back to school looks at Lane 201

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