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What To Wear To Brunch

brunch attire is casual and fun

When it comes to casual hangouts with friends and besties, brunch is always a favorite way to get together. Who doesn’t love getting the rundown on the week’s celebrations, disasters, and potentially great opportunities in life, love, and career over croissants, mimosas, and eggs benedict?

In the era of Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, our brunch attire is almost as documented as what’s on our plates. So wearing a fun outfit that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and excited to hang out and eat with your friends is essential. Here are some different ideas and tips on putting together great brunch outfits that scream, “I’m fabulous and ready to have a fabulous day with my favorite people!”

Read on to find a mixture of styles and accessories to match your personality and style.

What Is Brunch Attire?

Brunch is usually eaten late in the morning and basically combines food from breakfast and lunch. It’s a very popular weekend activity for friends who like to spend a longer amount of time over a meal and usually takes place at cafes or restaurants that specialize in brunch. Brunch attire and often, Sunday brunch attire is what is worn to this specific occasion. There are no specific rules as to what to wear to brunch but most people aim for a chic, yet casual aesthetic in clothes that are both fashionable and comfortable. Because, you gotta save room dessert, am I right?

Brunch In Fall and Winter

A winter brunch date can be a fun way to escape the house and the cold to get social, without having to spend too much time outside. However, you’ll still want a warm and cozy outfit for the occasion. Here are a few fun outfit ideas:

1. Start with a warm turtleneck under a fun full-length jumper. Then layer over it a loose kimono with colorful patterns, a full-length jacket, a warm scarf, and a cozy hat. Remember those mittens too! Include some short booties and you’re all set to brave the cold and have a fantastic afternoon.

2. For a super chic and easy appearance, try a neutral wool coat, paired with jeans, a tee-shirt, a layered chunky, or fun patterned sweater and a big warm hat. Remember to accessorize with your favorite colorful mittens to keep your digits warm before you dine.

3. Feel like wearing a dress even when the temperature drops? Try layering your favorite leggins, colored, black, or even patterned for under a long dress or skirt. You can add knee-high boots and layer on top with capes, kimonos, open sweaters, and sexy trench coats to maintain long lines in your outfit but keep your core nice and toasty.

Spring and Summer Brunch Attire

summer and spring brunch attire

When the weather starts to warm up and the days start to get longer, your desire to get out and be social will come calling. So having choices ready when it comes to your Saturday and Sunday brunch attire will be key. A warm weather brunch calls for a look that will keep you feeling cool and always looking chic. Playing with different colors, patterns, fabric textures, and lengths is always fun and also makes for a great conversation starter!

Here are a few ideas for different warm weather looks, no matter how much the temperature heats up! Remember to stay with lightweight materials when the thermostat rises and your brunch attire will never fail you. Try layering as this will also keep you just the right temperature no matter what the weather.

New Seasons and Bold Choices

4. Going to a more upscale establishment? Start your look off with a great pair of sleek but breathable slacks, such as flowing linen or light cotton. Add to that a colorful blouse that has lots of movement for a sophisticated look. Try adding an oversized pair of Jackie-O style sunglasses, a long pendant necklace, a large, statement-piece ring, and a sexy clutch bag. Now you’re ready for the paparazzi!

5. For a look that will make your Instagram and Facebook photos pop for your brunch attire, try mixing practical and fashionable looks together. Be fearless and embrace prints, bold colors, and whimsical accessories. So try pairing a long floral maxi dress with colorful espadrilles, or slides, add some slim and sexy sunglasses, an arm full of bangles, and a big floppy straw hat or fedora. Now you’re ready to brunch!

Casual Brunch Attire At Its Best

So, it’s Sunday morning and you’re feeling like last night was a whirlwind of an adventure, but you’ve got to meet your peeps for brunch. Understandably, the thought of getting super dressed up isn’t too appealing. What you need is a comfortable but casual outfit that is easy breezy to put together and wear. Achieving a laid back, cute and chic look is easier than you think!

5. Reach for your cutest sneakers, those loose and comfortable slightly faded boyfriend jeans, and an oversized sweater. Tie your hair up in a cute scarf and your look is playful and comfy by design. Other super easy ideas include a loose T-Shirt dress or kick it in some stylish tracksuit pants with a chic jacket and hat. Also, remember adding great accessories will always give you a carefree and cool aesthetic.

7. If you want to add a hint of sass to your look, try a pair of fun denim shorts with a flowing, patterned tunic, and some strappy sandals that compliment your latest pedicure and you're ready to brunch away the day without another worry. Adding accessories like a light scarf and soft, colorful, flowing jacket can also spice up this look.

Make Brunch Yours

No matter what your fashion preference, there are lots of different choices when looking for the perfect brunch attire. This informal meal is the perfect chance to rock a new, bold, and playful outfit. So don’t be afraid to showcase your personality or style with exciting colors, zany prints, super unique designs, and conversation-worthy accessories.

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