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What We're Loving Wednesdays

Posted on 24 August 2016

Here are a few of the things we’re loving the most this Wednesday:

  1. Pineapples have long been a welcome motif and are now as trendy as ever but most people don’t know the history of the hospitality pineapple. The tradition dates as far back as Christopher Columbus’ returning to Europe after his second voyage to the Caribbean. Here are a few pineapple items we are lusting after right now... 

    Pineapple Lamp 

    Pineapple Tee 

    Pineapple Phone Case

    DIY Pineapple Champagne Bottle Gift

  2. Tunics 

    Transitioning through seasons, as exciting as it may be, can be difficult in the wardrobe department. Is it too soon to wear booties? Is it too late to wear sandals? When do I put away my white jeans and take out my blue, trade my wedges for boots, etc. Thankfully, there are saviors like tunics that exist to make transitioning our outfits from summer to fall just a little easier. Check out the tunics we are banking on carrying us through the changing seasons this Wednesday. 

    V-Neck Tunic 

    Shoulder-Baring Tunic

    Button-Down Tunic

  3. This retro sci-fi show is worthy of a Netflix binge. A boy goes missing in an Indiana town in the 1980s, forcing his mother, the local authorities and his friends to encounter a series of terrifying, sinister forces. It will make you think, and it may or may not make your skin crawl. Solid child actors are hard to come by, yet this show has managed to grab a handful of them to make the suspense that much more realistic.

  4. The IS App

    Snapchat meets Finds Friends meets Facebook? This new app combines some of our favorite features including seeing where friends are at in real-time and being able to share photos and comments back and forth into one easy-to-use app. Check it out.

  5. Free Returns! 

    Is there anything better? Once upon a time, people considered ordering a dress online, with no idea of how it would fit, as quite the risk. Back then, you could lose money by ordering and then having to return the dress you were so sure was going to make you look like a supermodel.

    But no more! A number of boutiques, including Lane 201, have implemented free returns so ordering an item online is of no loss to you. If it doesn’t fit, or does not look like you had expected, simply return it and receive store credit or get your money back.

    This makes any boring lectures or lunch hour lulls at work a no-brainer. Now you can shop and not feel guilty about any upcoming hassle you may have to endure.

    What are you all loving this Wednesday?


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