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Why We Got Love for the Mud

Posted on 06 September 2016

In the post Labor Day spirit, we want to talk about one of our favorite brands consistently laboring in love: MudLove .

The business, founded by artists and makers and problem solvers, began in 2009 with the goal of supporting clean water projects in Africa.


Since the idea was to help people in Africa with the basic need of water, the brand had no interest in reinventing any wheels but wanted to create something simple and significant…. something basic.

Deciding to stick behind the idea of rethinking, reusing and recycling, the bracelets they began making were made from few materials: an old set of stamps that had been passed down for generations and some clay. And with that, MudLove ™ bracelets were made. 

Partnering with Water for Good, each bracelet purchased provides clean water for a week to someone in need.


Despite the rise of its popularity, each band is hand-stamped and carefully made with non-hazardous clay and non-toxic glazes. MudLove  makes clean products to provide clean water.

If I have noticed anything with the most popular trends of this fall season, it has been a return to the basics, to the simple.

These bracelets are all of that and can easily be paired with any outfit. They are especially cute for fall, with their vintage feel and classic look. 

Socially – conscious and with the end result of helping those in need, we love these bracelets because they perfectly align with our mission statement of feeling good about ourselves so that we can do good. 

It makes me so happy to know that we can be trendy and relevant at the same time, supporting a cause while we look good.

Look good, feel good, feel good, do good … No one is doing this quite like MudLove ™, and we are happy to support them at Lane 201.

 Check out our MudLove ™ bracelets at Lane 201 today!

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