Classic Wedding Styles for Guests

Every wedding has a unique personality. Dependent on the bride’s taste, the theme can be romantic, vintage, rustic, or any other range of elegant fashions. While it’s beautiful to witness the effort and love that two people put into such a special day, the wide variety of wedding styles make it very hard to dress for the occasion.

While the day isn’t strictly about the guests, that doesn’t have to stop you from looking your best. After all, pictures, Instagram stories, and Snapchat videos ensure that there will be plenty of evidence of your fashion, even if the bride is the main focus. But how do you ensure that you’re dressed appropriately when you’re not certain about the style of the day?

Despite so many wedding styles, a few classic options are always a safe choice. Keep reading to get the skinny on a few that might work for the next romantic ceremony of one of your besties.

Maxi Dress

The hardest part of a wedding is determining exactly how formal it will be. You don’t want to come underdressed, but you also don’t want to stand out because you decided to be a little too fancy. One of our favorite classic wedding styles, the maxi dress, solves all those problems. Maxi dresses are often floor-length, which automatically lends an air of elegance to this style. However, their bright prints and loose-fitting shape allow you to blend into a more laid-back ceremony. The key to choosing the perfect maxi dress that aligns with all wedding styles, however, is all in the fabric. Steer clear from corduroy, cotton, linen, jersey, or anything stretchy, as they give the entire outfit an overly casual, beachy feel. Instead, veer towards silk, lace, or velvet, all of which create a sophisticated look. If you can stick to the right materials, you can easily create an ensemble compatible with any ceremony.


It’s hard to go wrong with lace, especially if you’re searching for classic wedding styles. This delicate fabric lends an air of elegance to any outfit, no matter the shape or fashion. High-quality lace free of any snags or tears is essential, as any kind of damage to your outfit will automatically make it look cheap and poorly designed. If you’re going with a full lace dress, it’s better to stick to a short design, as it might be excessive in a floor-length gown. In addition, since lace is so common in wedding dresses, it’s best to stick to deep, dark colors that are nowhere near white. There’s nothing worse than a bitter bride, so be sure your lace stays far away from bridal-colored elegance. That being said, if lace is good enough for the wedding dress, it’s certainly good enough to be on our list of classic wedding styles for guests.

Cocktail Dress

Once again, cocktail dresses are one of those can’t-go-wrong wedding outfit options. Cocktail dresses are suitable for semi-formal occasions, making them a perfect option for almost every wedding. There are a few rules to follow if you want to capture this classic wedding style effectively. Nothing too short or too tight is necessarily appropriate for the occasion. If you would wear your gown to the club or during a night out in Las Vegas, you can pretty much guarantee that it’s not fit for a family-filled wedding ceremony. Try to stick to gowns that fall near your knee in high-quality fabrics. There’s no need to be overly demure, but you should choose a dress with a dress that can blend into a variety of settings. Cocktail dresses are perhaps our favorite wedding option, primarily because they have a larger variety of options available. It’s hard to go wrong with a cocktail dress in any setting, so they’re a perfect choice for a chic wedding look.

Midi Dress

The midi dress is a go-to dress for any black tie affair. As with some of the other dresses we’ve mentioned, consider a midi in lace or velvet to give you a look that matches the importance of the occasion. In colder months, go for a midi with long sleeves or match your midi with a chic cardigan. In the summer, consider something sleeveless with a generous neckline and an open leg. Although, if you’re attending an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to bring a sunhat and a cotton shawl, because while your look is clearly hot, you don’t want to cook. Remember, you won’t always know what theme your friend is going with, so while you want to look good, you don’t want to stick out. Consider choosing a midi with a neutral color like silver, black, white, or grey to stay stylish and classy yet understated.

Now that you know the basics of classic wedding styles, all that is left is for you to find the perfect gown. With one-of-a-kind options available, Lane 201 can provide stunning fashion that’s unique to your closet. If you’re looking for the perfect gown to wear to your next romantic ceremony, browse our dress collection to find gorgeous, wedding-ready options today!

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