how to build a classic capsule wardrobe

shoes, blouses, and cut-offs

If you’re looking for ways to streamline, simplify, and bring new excitement to your wardrobe, consider creating your own classic capsule wardrobe. The idea of a capsule wardrobe centers around minimalist concepts that can help you spend less time worrying about what to wear and more time enjoying fun, unique clothing that shows off the best sides of your fashion sensibility and personality.

What Is A Classic Capsule Wardrobe?

The magic in creating your own unique capsule wardrobe comes from curating essential pieces of clothing, shoes, and accessories that can be worn interchangeably with other items to create multiple outfits suiting all your needs. From these items, you can create looks that work for a big day at the office, a casual brunch with friends, or a rocking night out on the town with your best pals.

Where to Start?

Creating a capsule wardrobe is a perfect opportunity to refine your one-of-a-kind, head-turning style. Here are some tips and tricks to get you on your way to creating your own unique wardrobe.

You can take one of several approaches when adding pieces to your capsule wardrobe. One is based on a “seasonal approach” where you’ll want 25 to 50 pieces in your wardrobe. These capsules last for up to three months and coordinate with seasonal changes. For this capsule, the benefit is you don’t have to worry about stocking up on unnecessary clothing like winter clothes in the middle of summer.

Another version of the capsule wardrobe is based on the “10x10 concept.” In this version of building your capsule wardrobe, you pick 10 pieces of clothing to create 10 looks to serve a 10-day time frame.

How To Decide What To Wear

Above all else, remember to stick with items that you love to wear, items that make you look good and feel fantastic! Not only will you save a lot of time getting ready every day, but you will also know that every item on your body is perfectly suited just for you!

Versatility Matters

The clothes should also coordinate in color and style so that you can mix and match them often. Ideally, you want to stick to a neutral palette and add interchangeable items you can style in numerous ways. You can also add color to these looks by including an accessory, a bold lip color, or a playful shoe choice. Remember to think about mixing and matching different items like playful sneakers with a unique jacket and flowy dress.

shoes, blouses, and cut-offs

Essential Items For Building Your Classic Capsule Wardrobe

  • Pick a classic pair of jeans or trousers. Whether they are roomy, slim-fit, wide legged, or cropped. Find the pair that fits you and your personality and are versatile enough to wear with most of your wardrobe.
  • Choose neutral Tops. Neutral tones with or without sophisticated patterns can add visual interest to your look and go beyond basic black and white as well. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring either! Explore different textures and styles including sleek tunics, flowing kimonos, chunky knit sweaters, comfy tee shirts, and classic button downs.
  • Pick a statement piece. Statement pieces can add extra pizzazz to your look and even put a little spring in your step. This can be anything from a playful hat or a chic bag. It can also incorporate everything from embroidery to fringe to top off your look.
  • Versatile Outerwear is invaluable. Whether it's for work, a night out, or hanging with friends at a weekend getaway, the right outerwear can be just the thing to pull an outfit together. This could be a classic pea coat, a funky poncho, a hooded coat, or a stylish bomber jacket. Find what style suits you best and make it your signature look! Depending on the time of year and where you live, you can choose from any number of outerwear styles to fit your taste and compliment your classic capsule wardrobe.
  • A comfortable and classic shoe will make your feet happy. It’s also a great go-to choice for footwear when you want to dress up or dress down any look. It’s always best to find a shoe that is functional and fun and will keep up with your adventures.
  • A funky go-to dress can easily be a must-have piece to add to your wardrobe. Whether choosing a neutral color or one with a bold design or color, you can dress it up or down depending on the occasion. Whether it’s a wrap, ruffles, or stripes, it’s a look that you can wear again and again.
  • Bold accessories can be another fun and unique way to round out your wardrobe capsule. Choosing a whimsical necklace or elegant earrings may be just the thing to complete your look before you walk out the door ready to conquer the day.
  • A fun handbag is always a great conversation piece and usually an item you’ll not want to go without. Adding the right purse, backpack, handbag, clutch, or wallet is just the thing to complete your ensemble.

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