Casual Evening Wear For Women On The Go- Five Fashion Tips

casual evening wear for women

As the seasons change, so do your tastes. But when you’re leading a busy life, sometimes staying on top of the trends can seem a bit daunting. If you’re in need of a few staple ideas for evening looks, then read on. Discover fresh new ways to put your casual evening wear looks together. Then every night out on the town will feel fabulous!

When the spring and summer months grow closer, you know it means that you’ll be coming out of your shell a bit more. As the warm weather nears, your wardrobe will be coming out of its shell too. Getting into the mindset of summer dressing can be a challenge, but don’t worry, below are a whole closet full of ways to dress up or down casual evening wear that’s just your style.

How To Rock Sneakers

If you are feeling the need to wear sneakers with whatever outfit you desire, then good on you. Let’s just look at a few ways to take your sneaker ensemble game to the next level:

  • Try wearing a sleek black mini skirt with an oversized sweater and some colorful anklet socks with those sneaks. Throw in a faded denim jacket and you’re undeniably cool.
  • Go sockless with those sneaks but wear them with a cool pair of flowing pants and a crop top. Add a thin cardigan wrap plus your favorite necklace and scarf. Boom again, you’re winning.
  • Try a floral maxi dress with a leather jacket and those same sneakers and the only comments you’ll be getting will be on your fabulous look.

2. Wrap Tops and Tank Tops

  • The wrap top is another great staple of casual evening wear that’s super fresh for spring and summer. A go-to wrap top, especially in a bright shade, together with your favorite jeans and a pair of daring, bold pumps is eveningwear must. It makes your look stylish, chic, and perfect for a casual night out with your besties.
  • The classic tank top can have the same perfect staple effect in your wardrobe as well. Pair it with a sleek satin skirt and flats or booties. Adding a charming bracelet also dresses up the look but keeps it casual enough for a relaxed dinner and drinks with friends

3. Back In Black

Black is the main ingredient of most anyone who’s lived in Manhattan or Paris. Black on black, simply put, is always in style. It’s simple, sleek, and appropriate for the evening, no matter where you end up. So whether it’s a pop-up dance party in a warehouse or a wine tasting in a repurposed water tower, a fitted black top over a pencil skirt or even black denim jeans matched with a pair of fun black heels, black hat, and black biker jacket make for a sharp and stealth look, saturated in confidence.

jumpers look fantastic

4. Say Yes To The Dress

There are so many different choices of dresses you can wear to make your casual evening wear a hit. First off, if you want to go one-and-done, try a classic wrap dress. This easy-to-wear dress is ideal for dinner and drinks with friends. Pair it with some comfy and stylish sandals, espadrilles, or slip on flats and you’re ready to dance, walk, talk, laugh, and look sensational all night long.

  • Jumpers are another way to dress quickly and still look fantastic. They give you the glam of a dress, but the no-nonsense feel of a pair of pants. If you add the right accessories to your jumper, you will look as slick and chic as you feel.
  • You can never go wrong with the classic, “LBD” or, little black dress. It’s something most every person should own, as you never know when it will come in handy. It goes with every occasion and never goes out of style, regardless of the season.

5. How To Wear Those Jeans Like A Boss

Skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, high rise, low rise, boot cut, straight cut--there are so many different types of jeans out there, they may as well get their own zip code. So the first thing you must determine is what kinds of jeans you feel most comfortable and confident in. Then from there, you have all you need to build from your feet, up!

  • If the skinny jean is your jam, try wearing it with a well-cut dark toned top, and a pair of bejeweled shoes to make for a look that is casual with a flair of fancy.
  • If you’re feeling the vibe of the classic boyfriend cut, try adding an off-the-shoulder blouse to soften up your look. Throw in matching accessories—a black handbag and black flats, for example—and your look is both sharp and casual.
  • Another great way to dress up any pair of jeans is with a structured button-up shirt and a classic blazer. This look is a classic go-to. Add a sexy heel and you’re right where you need to be.

No matter what jean you’re most comfortable in, feel free to go bold with different patterns and materials when it comes to your tops and outer layers. Adding a leather jacket, kimono wrap, or open cardigan is a great way to layer your casual evening wear. Remember to top it off with some fun accessories like earrings, rings, or pendant necklaces to customize the look to your personality and mood.

Some other great tips before you walk out that door for the night:

  • Add a motorcycle jacket- A good motorcycle jacket makes every outfit better, be it jeans and a T-shirt, a gym outfit, or a formal gown. No matter what, your cred goes up the second you put it on.
  • Wear your jacket on your shoulders- Think of it as a cape you’re wearing and the sleeves are never to actually be used. Hard to say why, but it just makes you look classy. So, roll with it.
  • Layers, layers, layers! - The more layers you have, the less chance one thing is going to ruin your look. Layer tees, coats, sweaters, jackets, tights, skirts, belts. Stack away and know that you’re always fashionably covered whether it’s hot or cold.
  • Wear the wrong shoes- Think about what you wouldn’t wear, then wear that. Trade heels for boots, sneakers for heels, or sandals for sneakers. The more wrong it feels, the cooler you probably look.
  • Wear something really big with something really tiny- Try a crop top and a poofy ballerina skirt. Or try an oversized shirt with cut-off shorts. Playing with proportions, contrast, and lines are where the fun really comes in. Also think soft with hard, heavy with light, and loose with tight.
  • Tuck in your shirt, kind of- Whether it’s a tee shirt or a sweater, a tank top or a collared shirt, just take a piece of that front section and tuck it in. For some reason or another, your style cred rises instantaneously. Let’s call it, “messy cool.” Somehow it works every time.

No matter what your outfit, remember that comfort and versatility are key. When you’ve got on clothes that feel good on your body, you’re going to feel good in your body. And that is always the most important thing to remember.

For more outfit ideas to add to your evening wear ensemble, head to Lane 201 for all your fashion needs!

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