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How To Wear Denim

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Have you ever wondered how to wear denim? Have you ever thought to yourself when shopping through a rack full of denim, “Well it’s cute, but is it too much denim?” Worry not, as we’ve got some fun suggestions to spice up your wardrobe with classic denim pieces. When paired with the right items of clothing, you can rock a first-class denim game.

Great Denim Jacket Options

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of denim is probably denim jackets, so let’s start there. The first denim jacket was created in 1880 by denim legend, Levi Strauss. He’s also credited with designing the first pair of denim jeans, which were heralded as a breathable and utilitarian garment for cowboys, railroad engineers, and miners to wear during the great gold rush of the late 1800s.

And while today you may be as far from working on a railroad as you are from being a cowboy, you can still feel as cool as one when you’re sporting a denim jacket.

Casual And Chic

When thinking about how to wear denim, remember it’s an incredibly versatile material. It can go from casual to chic in the blink of an eye.

For the more casual side of the equation, try a comfy, button-up plaid collared shirt or well-worn tee under that stone-washed denim jacket. Style it with a classic pair of black leggings, rugged boots, and a cozy knit cap and you’ve got a warm, stylish look that will keep you comfortable as well as cool.

Another great layer under a denim coat is a medium thickness hoodie. This street smart look will give you a mysterious edge while keeping your neck and noggin warm when the temperature drops.

If you want to swing to a more tailored sleek look when thinking of how to wear your denim, try a crisp, fitted, white button-up collared shirt and a men’s tie. Paired with sleek trousers and sneakers or stilettos, you’ve got a sexy non-gender conforming look that will have everyone’s heads turning.

Denim Jeans For Every Body and Everybody

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Oh, the perfect fitting pair of jeans, how we long for you so! While finding the right pair of denim jeans may seem like finding a unicorn in a haystack, there are more denim options than you can count. So where to begin on your quest to find your denim soulmate?

First off, don’t be afraid to experiment when wearing denim! Try mixing up your fabrics and styles.

Here are some key how-tos for wearing denim:

  • Find flattering and comfortable cuts for your shape. Celebrate your curves and lines and everything in between. Denim is incredibly forgiving and loves your body just as it is. So look for styles that have stretch fabric to find your comfort zone.
  • Try different leg cuts, including skinny, straight, and boot cut. You can pair different shoes based on the taper of the jean, i.e. skinny jeans work great with a heeled shoe to give your look a more formal and chic vibe. Whereas bootcut denim jeans will give your legs more room to breathe and work great with your favorite calf length boots.
  • A strategic fade can work to enhance your great shape and give your denim look a more contemporary edge. If pairing your sleek, skinny faded jeans with a dark blazer, crisp white shirt, and a classy choker pearl necklace, you’ve got yourself a look that is office and cocktail party ready.
  • Find the correct rise. Some people like low rise denim, while others prefer a high-rise option. With a higher rise option, you can choose to wear a short crop top and a loose-knit sweater for a fun, casual look. Or with a lower rise option, you can choose to wear a cami or a fitted one-piece bodysuit and heels for an edgier style.
  • Denim Shorts are unsung heroes. Summer just isn’t the same without your favorite pair of cut-off, denim shorts. These gems go with everything in your closet, so wear them to your summer concerts with the matching tee shirt of your favorite band. And don’t forget your sunblock!
  • Denim Skirts aren’t just for days at the rodeo. Denim skirts are a fun way to rock a skirt and also stay casual and sassy. Add a colorful tank top and you’ve got a perfect summer look in the making.

Denim is More than Just Jackets and Jeans, Baby!

Remember, there’s more to life and to denim than just jeans and a jacket. Today you can find denim living in every neighborhood of your clothes closet.

Denim Jumpers are a fun way to show off your denim chic by pairing it with a cool pair of sneakers, sandals, floppy hat and sunglasses. In this look, you’re ready for a company picnic or a pool party.

Denim Shirts can be a fun addition to mix up your typical blouse routine. Pair a faded denim shirt with a playful skirt, colorful tights, scarf, and booties, and you’ve got a new look to debut.

Denim Vests make for a great layer to any look. Try pairing a faded denim vest with your favorite fitted tee and flowing skirt. Add some colorful flats or mules, your favorite set of bracelets, and patterned handbag to complete the look.

Another important denim wear how-to is finding balance in fabric and color. Try breaking up your look with essentials like a white tee or blue tank top. Also, try opting for a lighter wash top with a more worn out finish or denim with flair such as embellishments like sequins or beading.

Go Big For Denim On Denim

Don’t fear the Canadian Tuxedo! You can now rock denim on denim fearlessly and flawlessly if you keep a few style tips in mind:

  • Try wearing embellishments on one of the items of your denim ensemble.
  • Break up the look with a leather belt or vintage belt buckle.
  • Go even more fashion-forward and try a denim scarf to compliment the whole look.
  • You can always break up the great wall of denim with patterned pieces like a colorful cardigan or striped turtleneck or a playfully striped shoe!

No matter what combination you’re going for, remember to have fun with your look. Each new outfit is a chance to show off who you are! Tap into your inner denim diva and create a look that is uniquely your own!

Head over to Lane 201 to find new ways how to wear your denim today!

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