What to Wear on a Coffee Date

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Dating is supposed to be a fun way to meet that special someone. Unfortunately, it’s often anything but fun. Not only do you have to worry about arranging the perfect meetup, you also have to cross your fingers and hope your potential new partner isn’t a total creep. And that doesn’t even begin to touch on the stress that comes with picking an outfit.

Every date demands a different look dependent on the circumstances, and there may not be any outing more difficult to style appropriately than a coffee date. It’s casual and laid-back, so you can’t walk in dressed to the nines. At the same time, you still want to put together a flirty outfit that shows off all your assets. If you’re too “in your face,” you run the risk of turning off your date completely, but a look that’s overly demure also runs the risk of turning off your date completely. Deciding what to wear on a coffee date almost feels like a lose-lose situation.

While we can’t guarantee that your date goes well, we can certainly provide some fashion-forward style advice. If you’re worried about what to wear on a coffee date, keep reading to get some of our favorite options perfect for every kind of fashion sense.

For a Comfortable Outfit

Dates are already stressful enough in themselves, so it’s important to remember that the best first-date outfit is the one that makes you feel your best. Feeling comfortable and confident in your clothes can change your whole demeanor. Instead of nerves and worries, you can approach your date with confidence, which can have a huge impact on the overall outcome of your meeting.

When deciding what to wear on a coffee date, comfort should be your first priority, and there are few things more comfortable than a cute sundress. Since it’s just the first meetup, we recommend a stylish number that’s casual to the core, like a shoulder dress. Try to find something that is noticeable without begging for attention. Pair it with a cute shoe, like an ankle wrap heel, and you have the perfect outfit for a summer coffee date. Plus, this combo doesn’t require too many extras, easing some of the stress about added layers or cute accessories.

For a Low-Maintenance Look

Beyond being comfortable, the first date outfit should also capture who you are. If you wouldn’t be caught dead in a sundress on a normal day, there’s no need to pull one out just impress your date. That’s the beauty of a casual meetup—there’s no pressure to put together an overly dressy outfit. Stressing out about what to wear on a coffee date doesn’t mean you should switch up your whole style. After all, it’s most important to be yourself.

If low-maintenance is definitely your vibe, bring it into your coffee date. A cute pair of ripped-up jeans provide the perfect base for a casual chic outfit. Pair these laid back trousers with a loose-fitting shirt. Then, all you need is a comfy pair of shoes to round out the look. Sneakers or flats can do the job well. The result is a low-maintenance ensemble that still looks stylish and put together. You tried, but you didn’t try too hard, you know?

For the Super Trendy Gal

Is there any better place to embrace your trendy side than a coffee shop? It’s the home of hipsters everywhere, so you can already rest assured that the trendy gal inside of you is going to fit right in.

If you want to put your trendy foot forward while deciding what to wear on a coffee date, you have to embrace the teddy coat. It’s the number one trend of the season, and a fur coat is a perfect way to hop aboard the teddy coat train. Of course, teddy coats are quite the standout on their own, so it should be paired with gentler pieces to create an outfit that’s not too flamboyant. Look for an ankle skinny and a lacy tank top to allow the statement coat to shine. Finish the ensemble with a pair of simplistic heels. The result is an outfit that’s definitely trendy, but in a relaxed way that isn’t clamoring for attention.

For a Sexy Style

Rifling through your closet while deciding what to wear on a coffee date doesn’t automatically mean tossing all your slinkier pieces aside. Even though grabbing coffee makes for a low-key meetup, you can still embrace your sexy side. Of course, you don’t want to be over the top—it’s not a night at the club, after all.

Thankfully, you can still capture an alluring style while embracing a daytime-appropriate look. Start with a stomach-bearing shirt, like a crop top. Then, pair it with high-waisted bottoms so you’re not showing off too much skin. High waisted smock pants are your next addition. You’ll want them to ruffle slightly around your belly. Finish off your look with a cute pair of shoes: heels will pair really well here. It might not be what you’d typically imagine when considering what to wear on a coffee date, but it definitely brings a sultry vibe to your look without being too forward.

For a Relaxed Ensemble

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We know we already touted the positives of flowy sundresses when it comes to building a comfortable outfit, but fabric pants are a close second in creating an ultra-relaxed ensemble. Plus, flowing fabric pants can result in a boho-chic look that may be more fitting for your particular style than a cutesy sundress.

Hard and fast rules about what to wear on a coffee date don’t exist, but loose-fitting styles like are the perfect starting point for building a relaxed look. If your pants are flowy, it’s best to pair them with a body-hugging top, so your shape isn’t completely lost in multiple layers of fabric. A bodysuit is the perfect complement to these high-waisted bottoms. Pair the outfit with a strappy shoe with a good-sized heel, and you have a summery look that shows off your shape while still ensuring that you’re totally comfortable.

Now that you have a few ideas of what to wear on a coffee date, the only thing left to do is shop ‘til you drop. Don’t wait until the last minute, shop Lane 201 today to find the first-date outfit that fits your style.

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