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What To Wear With Joggers For Work, Play and Everything In Between

If you had argued ten years ago that the clothing genre of athleisure was to become a totally normal style choice for women and men alike, you probably would have been met with a few stares, to say the least. The idea of working and living in comfy sweatpants is not just a thing of dreams but a reality that most people are quite excited about. Today’s joggers are a far cry from your grandmother’s matching ensemble sweatpants. And the best part is they can be dressed up or down, depending on how you pair them with different elements.

Ready to get schooled in all the jogger fashion possibilities? Hold on to your stretchy waistband.

Home Wear

When it comes to relaxing at home, it’s as important to feel good as it is to look good. Nothing feels quite as nice as kicking off your shoes after a long day of work and slipping into a soft comfy pair of joggers and a relaxed tee shirt. If it’s chilly outside, putting on those cozy slippers, a loose-knit sweater, and a warm scarf can easily whisk you away from all your worries. Sticking with basic elements will make you feel comfortable but also keep your cute look sharp and on point.

New Takes On A Classic Design

The new flattering designs of modern-day joggers are less like the baggy britches you wear to the laundromat and more slimming and flattering to all shapes and sizes. When it comes to fabric density, their thickness may vary but will generally always live somewhere in the softest of touches. And who can argue with a soft, stretchy waistband that is forever forgiving of even the biggest of holiday meals?

Joggers For Play

If you’re in the gym, you’ve made it to the motherland of joggers. This is where joggers in all textures, colors, and cuts thrive. The technical side of joggers is something to behold. Temperature-regulating and moisture-wicking, these amazing pants are designed to move in concert with your body, no matter what you’re doing. Extra squats on the list? Your joggers got you.

Spill your smoothie on your pants? Don’t worry, many fabrics are moisture and stain resistant. Not sure where to keep your keys, your wallet, or your lucky rabbit’s foot? Surprise! Many joggers have deep or hidden pockets to store all your items. The added perk of their design is that they can hold all your items and still not get in the way of your workout.

Now, more than ever before, looking good and feeling good at the gym go hand in hand. With moisture wicking technology and quick-drying interiors, at the end of your workout, you might even smell better than you expected.

So, wear your favorite sneakers and a tank top with those workout joggers and rock that work out! It’s going to be a great day, and you're going to look amazing with every step!

Joggers For Work

You can wear those joggers to work with just a few tweaks of your ensemble. Matching up the right pair of shoes can take your outfit to an entirely new level of cool comfort and style. A small heeled shoe, wedge, or platform can dress your look up faster than you can say, “fashionista.”

Adding flairs of jewelry to your look will also immediately dress up those comfy pants. Try a few wrist bangles or a long pendant necklace and even a more tailored, crisp shirt, and you’ve seamlessly taken the loungewear straight into the boardroom.

Different Fabrics And Cuts

Designs and fabrics have evolved and so have the types of hybrid joggers available. You can find more tailored formal cuts that mix wool, cotton, linen, silk, polyester, rayon, and more. Again, the right kind of cut makes all the difference. And one thing is for sure, once you find your favorite pair of joggers, you’re going to fall in love with how great you feel in them.

Living at the intersection of style and comfort means that your clothing is your ally, and when you’re ready to go out on the town, you want to make sure you look and feel your confident best. Dressing up your joggers can be as easy as adding a few simple accessories and a shoe change.

Summertime night out? Try layering a lightweight tank top and a sheer blouse with your joggers, and add a fun pair of dainty sandals. Add a floppy hat, and you’re ready to dance poolside at your cabana.

Is an evening adventure in the city calling your name? Try dressing your comfy and stylish joggers up with a pair of funky boots or booties. Add a cool jacket and try layering it over a button up shirt and sweater, and you’re ready to rock.

Other accessories that add flair to your outfit can be a colorful scarf or fun earrings or another statement piece of jewelry.

Whether you’re lounging around the house, reading a book and cozying up to the fire, finishing up a satisfying workout at the gym, making deals happen in the boardroom, or sipping cocktails with friends and dancing the night away, there’s a pair of joggers out there waiting to become your favorite piece of clothing.

Ready to create your favorite jogger looks? Head over to Lane 201 to find an array of scarves, sandals, heels, boots, hats, tops, jackets, and jewelry to find what to wear with your joggers for work and play.

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